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Safety Policy

Erik and TK


We pride ourselves on hiring extremely qualified and enthusiastic leaders for our camps. All of our instructors are CPR, First-Aid and Lifeguard certified, and must complete our intensive instructor training and orientation program prior to the start of camp.

Each morning our instructors take attendance and ensure that campers have everything they will need for the day, including food, water, and sun block. Bike counselors check bikes to make sure they are in good riding condition, and make sure campers have their helmets. Instructors review general safety information with campers, including the “four dangers” of Nantucket (ticks, dehydration, sunburn, and poison ivy), review emergency procedures, and encourage campers to communicate any questions or problems throughout the day. Instructors also review more detailed safety instructions prior to specific activities (e.g. bike safety before biking, water safety before water activities, climbing safety before rock climbing or ropes course activities, etc.). Instructors are vigilant throughout the day about keeping the group together, and ensuring both campers’ physical and emotional safety. Every instructor carries guardian contact information and medical information for each camper in his or her group. He or she also has phone numbers for the Director of Programming (Chris Getoor) and Assistant Director (Claire Winship), both of whom are available throughout the day to address any issues, and to communicate with parents if necessary. Instructors keep daily records of activities and incidents in camp journals, and report any concerns to the Director or Assistant Director of Programming at the end of the day, or during our daily pre-camp meeting.

We look forward to a safe and positive summer at Strong Wings. Please feel free to contact us to speak further about our safety policies.