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Extreme Explorers Camp

Ages 10-11

CatwalkThe Extreme Explorers (or “Extremes”) take adventure to a new level. Each day, campers choose from options with a range of biking difficulty.* On-site choices include gardening, rock climbing, or using one of the five elements of our high-ropes course. Some Extremes choose short bike rides, such as to the State Forest (to build forts, play “Tremors,” or use the new Disc Golf course), Russell’s Way beach (to play “Spud” or boogie board), Tom Nevers (to play street hockey or kickball), or Dead Horse Valley (for epic games of Capture the Flag). Others choose medium bike rides, such as to Polpis to kayak, or to the Cranberry Bogs to play “Camouflage.” Still others challenge themselves to go off-road biking through the Moors to Underground Tom’s secret wigwam, or down the Mizzinmast trails to Miacomet, or even to bike all the way to both ends of the island on “East to West.” Regardless of what they choose, Extreme Explorers are sure to develop their relationships with the environment, with their peers, and with themselves---and to have a lot of fun!

ArrowheadsAll Extreme Explorers are dropped off and picked up each day in the Strong Wings bike camp area (down a trail to the left just after you turn off at 9 Nobadeer Farm Road). Groups are small (student to staff ratio averages 7:1). For your convenience, campers can usually leave their bikes inside the Adventure Center overnight. Camp is still held outdoors on rainy days, although activities move indoors if there is thunder or lightning.

*Extreme Explorers must demonstrate sufficient biking skills in order to participate. Off-road bikes are required.

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Camp Rates and Schedule

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