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First Explorers Camp

Ages 5-8

George SnakeThis camp is a terrific introduction to the outdoors, teamwork and imaginative games.

The First Explorers are organized into two groups: the Sharks (ages 5 and 6) and the Hawks (ages 7 and 8). Both groups travel by van* to a great variety of island locations where they participate in fun group activities. Some favorites of the First Explorers include snake hunting at Squam Farm, fort building at the State Forest and Bamboo Forest, taking the Bluff Walk in Sconset, playing games at Lily Pond and Quaise Pasture, searching for arrowheads at Altar Rock, turtling in Madaket, and rock climbing at the Strong Wings base camp. Wherever they go, this camp promises to provide excitement and learning to all of its students!

First ClimberAll First Explorers are dropped off and picked up each day by the picnic tables in front of the Strong Wings Adventure Center at 9 Nobadeer Farm Road. Groups are kept small, in vans that accommodate up to 10 or 13 campers, with at least two counselors per van. On rainy days, camp activities take place inside the Adventure Center.

*First Explorers DO NOT use bikes.

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Camp Rates and Schedule

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